Advice and treatment


The consultation is designed to get to know each other because trust on both sides is a prerequisite for optimal treatment. It is important for me to understand your personal situation and health situation as well as your ideas and expectations to help you and show you reasonable solutions.

This also includes comprehensive information about the corresponding pre- and post-treatment. Possible risks or complications that may be associated with the intervention must be discussed in detail. We also must discuss the questions of possible diseases and which medicines you are taking. Also very important is the degree to which you consume alcohol and cigarettes.

For aesthetic surgeries you get a detailed cost estimate so you can calculate the financial costs. You can bring a close person to any advice.

After the conversation you have enough time to evaluate the information and come to a decision.

If you have decided to make the change we will arrange a second appointment to discuss questions that might have occurred in the meantime and to plan the procedure with you individual goals.

If you have scheduled an anesthesia you will also have the possibility to talk with the anesthesia team about the type of anesthesia and the risks.

For this appointment we also like to coordinate the adjustment of corsetry if necessary. In order to provide you smooth and optimal running we take advantage of the existing network of cooperating partners.

You should feel safe and good with us.

Outpatient treatment

Many procedures (in which this is possible without risk) can be performed on an outpatient basis. Generally we agree for an appointment on the following day for a check. Of course you can always reach me after the surgery.

Inpatient treatment

For larger interventions a stationary room is ready for you in the Viktoria Hospital Bochum right across the street. A qualified medical and nursing team, advanced surgical techniques and the comfortable facilities of the clinic rooms form the basis for your comprehensive and post-operative care during your stay.

Follow-up treatment

Of course we are also there for you after the surgery to give advice and to support you during your healing process. You may need thrombosis and antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent you of possible risks.


Costs for operational performances always depend on the findings and the resulting expenses of the treatment. Therefore they are always individual but may be specified as part of the detailed and personal counselling session.

On request we can give you a price frame for the individual measures so you have an overview of the costs.

In aesthetic consultation allow me to charge and advisory fee (according to GoÄ) of € 46,40. The cost of aesthetic services will usually be paid before the planned operation.

In medical consultations the costs will be charged to the private health insurance. The fees for medically necessary interventions are also covered by private health insurance.

We also offer a follow-up costs insurance. So you can be protected against possible financial disadvantages. A further insurance cover is available at or

With us you can pay your medical expenses conveniently and low-interest loans in monthly instalments - with the medipay patient instalment!