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Skin tightening and skin smoothing with focussed ultrasound, gentle lifting without surgery, soft lift, ultrasound lifting.

Ultherapy is a new and non-invasive procedure for tightening and smoothing the skin. Sagging areas of skin on the face (e.g. "hamster cheeks"), neck ("turkey neck") and décolleté are gently and effectively tightened. Areas of the body such as the upper arms or inner thighs can also be treated effectively with this procedure.
With Ultherapy, an ultrasound head glides gently over the skin and creates many small heat points in the deep layers of the skin. The lifting effect is achieved by this micro-focussed ultrasound, which provides controlled heat of up to 70°C. These deeper skin layers can normally only be mobilised during a surgical facelift. The temperature range achieved means that the existing collagen fibres are tightened (collagen shrinking). The new production of collagen and elastin is also stimulated, which increases the skin's elasticity. The stable collagen fibres can thus strengthen the connective tissue layer and tighten the skin. The effect is similar to a lift - but without the surgery! In contrast to a surgical facelift, Ultherapy can also improve both the skin structure and skin elasticity.

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Ultherapy® The skin surface remains completely unharmed. The visual changes are only complete after up to 6 months. Over the years, the new collagen produced by Ultherapy is broken down again naturally. Ultherapy has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the only non-invasive lifting procedure to date. Since then, many American medical practices have successfully used this procedure. Dr Montanari is one of the few practitioners of this innovative form of treatment in Germany. It is an excellent alternative for all patients who do not yet wish to undergo surgery but still want a fresher, younger appearance.

The treatment can be combined with both surgical and non-surgical methods. We offer the combination with hyaluronic acid and botulinum wrinkle injections as well as microneedling. In the case of jowls or fat under the skin of a double chin, we carry out injection lipolysis (fat-away injection) in parallel to treatment with Ultherapy. This means that after fat removal, skin tightening can be stimulated by Ultherapy through the production of new collagen.

The advantages of Ultherapy®-treatment:

  • Tightening of sagging skin usually visible after just a few days, the skin appears smoother and fresher
  • Final lifting effects can be recognised after 3 to 6 months
  • Low-pain treatment
  • No operation necessary
  • Treatment without any downtime
  • The skin surface is not damaged - there are no scars
  • Combination with other skin tightening procedures possible
  • The treatment can be carried out all year round without any problems, as the skin is not overly sensitive to sunlight afterwards

Treatment with Ultherapy® proceeds as follows: You will be given a painkiller to take before the Ultherapy treatment. If necessary, an anaesthetic cream is also applied. Although Ultherapy is considered by many patients to be rather painless, the treatment can also be carried out under twilight sedation. The treatment begins with marking the area to be treated. The treatment head is then guided over the skin according to a special pattern. At the same time, the ultrasound imaging device provides an up-to-date monitor image of the treatment region at all times. This allows the treatment points to be directed in depth with pinpoint accuracy so that Ultherapy can be used optimally and effectively. Focused ultrasound is focussed on tiny linear points. The skin remains completely undamaged.

Treatment with Ultherapy

Depending on the extent of the treatment, Ultherapy itself takes between 15 minutes (for an eyebrow lift) and 90 minutes (for skin tightening in the entire face, chin and neck area). After treatment with Ultherapy, you can go straight back to your everyday life. Depending on your sensitivity, you may experience slight redness, swelling or tenderness in the treatment areas after the treatment. This can last for a few hours, occasionally up to 2 days. 

Occasionally, if patients are prone to this, bruising may occur. These undesirable side effects are virtually eliminated with Ultherapy treatment, which is considered to be particularly safe. The tightening of the treated skin region can usually be seen after just a few days. The full lifting effect of Ultherapy is usually seen after 3 to 6 months. 

The regular use of corticoids and painkillers as well as chemotherapeutic agents inhibits the corresponding cell activity and thus prevents a satisfactory result after Ultherapy. Sunbathing (including solarium) and smoking also have a negative effect on the results of Ultherapy. This form of treatment is not suitable for patients under the age of 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women and patients with serious chronic illnesses. Repeated Ultherapy treatment for optimisation is possible after 6 months. To ensure a stable result, a refresher treatment may be necessary after approx. 3 to 5 years.



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