Breast lifting

A weak connective tissue or the natural aging process of the skin can cause flaccid and sagging breasts. Even after pregnancy and lactations or after weight loss similar results can show. This can clearly affect the aesthetic appearance and the physical feeling.

With an operating breast lift sagging breast can be lifted and reshaped again so that a tighter, more youthful and natural breast arises.

The primary goal is to avoid unnecessary scarring. However, the essential of a good result is the existing skin quality. Otherwise the duration of the result can be limited and a possible correction may be necessary. For very large and sagging breasts a breast reduction can be useful.

Less sagging of the breast tissue may eventually be offset by a tightening around the areola (periareolar lift). The breasts can thereby lose some projection and can seem flatter.

When exposed to greater sagging of the breasts other lift techniques (I- and T-technique) are used in order to achieve a satisfying result. Therefore an incision around the areola vertically to the inframammary fold and possibly in the fold is made. Raising the nipple is usually not impairing for blood circulation, sensitivity nerves and blood vessels.

If you would also like more breast volume a combination of a breast lift and a simultaneous insertion of an implant (breast augmentation) can lead to a good result.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours depending on the technique. We recommend wearing a compression bra for 6 weeks days and nights for all procedures.

The threads can be removed after about 2 weeks. In general you are symptom-free and depending on the activity ready to work after a few days.

We need to discuss together in a personal consultation which surgical options is the best for you. We will also talk about the realistic expected results, possible risks and complications.