Eyelid Surgery

Operation on the upper and lower eyelids

Associated terms:
Blepharoplasty, dropping eyelids

Eyes exude personality and individuality. A fresh, alert and relaxed eye expression triggers positive emotion, sympathy and dynamics which is important for private and professional success. The particularly delicate and thin skin of the eye area is subjected earlier to the aging process than other areas of the face. Wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelids and eye bags can form. The expression of the eyes often looks tired. With particularly strongly developed drooping eyes the field of view can be significantly reduced.

There is an effective method to restore a fresh and open eye expression with an eyelid surgery. The operation can be performed on an ambulatory basis or with local anaesthesia (possibly in combination with sedation). On request we also monitor stationary. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries can be implemented individually or in combination and are the most common cosmetic surgery for both men and women.

Also a tissue slackening of the forehead followed by lowering of the eyebrows may be responsible for dropping eyelids. Then a combination with a forehead lift or brow lift should be performed so that optimum results can be achieved.

To minimise the risk of swelling and bruising after the surgery a continuous cooling of the eye region with cooling pads/ cooling glasses is as necessary as an elevated position of the head for 2 days.

Due to the swelling the eyelids sometimes cannot be completely closed so a maintaining eye ointment should be used to protect the conjunctiva during the first days. This is rapidly declining with the decrease of the swelling and tension.

The removal of the threads occurs 5 to 7 days after the surgery. You should avoid excessive efforts during this time.

The final shape of the eye area is usually seen 3 months after the procedure.

Complications are rare in both procedures. Temporary irritation of the conjunctiva are possible. They are expressed by lacrimation, foreign body sensation and redness and can be treated with maintaining and anti-inflammatory ointments or eye drops.

Upper eyelid surgery

An upper eyelid surgery is often of great effectiveness. The eye appeal increases rapidly by removing fat a muscle tissues as well as excess skin. Even existing asymmetries can usually be successfully balanced.

After measuring the excess skin all of the necessary distances to the corresponding cutes are placed in natural skin folds of the upper eyelid. The wound is closed with a very fine thread and small patches (Steris trips) so that later they are barely noticeable. After a few days you are socially acceptable again and smaller residual bruising can be correct with makeup.

Lower eyelid surgery

A loss of firmness of the connective tissue and the skin of the lower lid can cause eye bags. A change that often meets men.

A lower eyelid surgery is of great effectiveness to streamline the so-called "tear trough" and to smooth the area around the lower lid.

During the lower eyelid surgery a fine 1-2mm incision is made below the lashes. Existing fat deposits are redistributed and excess skin removed. Fat tissue and muscles are preserved as a natural pad in order to obtain harmonious facial expression.

Afterward the wound is closed with a very fine thread. The resulting scars are later barely noticeable even without makeup. A special bandage (tape with Steris trips) supports and stabilises the operation result in the first days. Swelling of the eyelid can sometimes be persist for several weeks.

Parts of the midface can also be moved and streamlined using this method. The result is a significantly rejuvenating effect.