Liposuction / Body contouring for men

Liposuction is a gentle method of sucking fat and removing stubborn fat deposits that won't changes with weight loss (diet) or sport activities.

It is used to shape the figure and to achieve harmonisation of the body image. Liposuction is not appropriate for weight loss. But the procedure is also not a guarantee against weight gain. The removed fat cells cannot regenerate again but the remaining fat cells in the body can enlarge more than normal with excessive calorie intake.

The fat deposits which are upsetting are permanently eliminated by selective suction.

They can occur anywhere on the body, but especially on the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and lower legs, upper arms and face and neck.

A popular problem area of women is the fat deposit on the outer thighs. This is called the breeches deformation. The fat pad at the transition between the thighs and the butt is called banana deformation.

The problem areas of men often are the abdomen, hips and male breasts.

If liposuction is performed on the abdomen it is possible to combine it with abdominoplasty.

The conventional method of liposuction is the tumescent technique. We suck the fat with a special solution of electrolytes, a local anaesthesia and a substance to narrow the blood vessels.

We also offer the much more gentle water jet assisted method of liposuction (WAL).there is a gentle release of the fat cells from the tissue structure. After that the cells can easily be removed with small cannulas. The result can already be judged during the surgery since not only the fat cells themselves but also a large part of the injected liquid are removed. In addition, there is a reduced need for pain medication, shorter treatment times, rapid restoration of well-being and ability to work. Furthermore, less swelling and bruising are observed.

A preliminary assessment of the skin quality is essential so that the cosmetically desirable effect can be achieved. To support skin shrinkage and body contouring a specially adapted bodice should be worn after surgery for a period of about 6 weeks. A special skin care can help to tighten the skin again.

We have developed measures to optimise the results with our experienced beauty team. We can discuss all the aspects in a personal conversation with you.