Cellulite treatment

Cellulite affects 95% of women over 30 years. Due to the pressure on the skin exerted by the fat deposits combined with blood circulation problems the so-called. "Orange peel skin" is created. The skin is uneven and has a wave-like structure. In addition, local water retention and sagging skin can occur. There are many reasons for example hormonal, genetic or lifestyle-related.

Cellulite treatment with Cellfina®

Cellfina® is a unique treatment system that can effectively and long-term reduce the structural changes in the connective tissue of the female. Cellfina® is CE-certified in Germany and approved by the strict US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For qualified specialists it is now possible to eliminate pockets of orange peel skin with this innovative minimally invasive method. The first results of cellulite treatment can already be visible within a few days. 93% of the treated women are satisfied with the results even after three years.

Cellfina® solves the structural problem under the skin
Cellulite is not a fat problem. Structural connections under the skin are to blame. The subcutaneous fatty tissue of women has thin strands of connective tissue, mostly perpendicular to the surface of the skin. These so-called fibrous septa connect muscles and skin with each other. These collagenous strands can stretch and pull the skin inward over the adjacent fat cells- similar to stretched rubber bands. It creates pits on the skin surface and so the cellulite typical wavy landscape on the buttocks and thighs is visible. Using Cellfina® these shortened connective tissue fibres can be released in a targeted and controlled manner. The pull on the skin diminishes so that it can return to its smooth shape over the treated area.

Treatment with Cellfina®
First the dents which should be treated are marked. The affected tissue is first aspirated by vacuum under local anaesthesia. The doctor then uses fan-shaped movements of the tiny lancet-shaped instrument on the Cellfina® device to loosen the connective tissue fibres under the skin. The suction effect is canceled and the process is repeated at the next marked point. The procedure takes about an hour depending on how many dents to treat. The Cellfina® application is considered safe. Side effects are mainly hypersensitivity, bruising and soreness which were usually transient.

Follow- up treatment with Cellfina®
Patients can generally carry out their usual activities after the treatment. They should refrain from sports and heavy physical stress within the first time. Wearing compression clothing in the first 14 days is useful to get the best results.

Cellfina® briefly presented

Cellfina® in use

With the X-WAVE acoustic wave therapy (shockwave therapy)
Combined with BTL Exilis Elite TM

The cellulite ("orange skin") is produced by irregular enlarged fatal cells which are pressed through the thin skin and thus show the unsightly dim picture. Diets and sports bring only minor improvement. However, if you are looking for an innovative, effective, non-invasive treatment method you should rely on the new device BTL Exilis Elite TM (link): The heat effects on cellulite and fat deposits using radiofrequency in combination with non- focused ultrasound. The skin is tightened and the fatal cells dissolve gently. Thanks to the unique layering technique the user can penetrate deeply into the tissue and treat it very efficiently. The additional treatment with the acoustic wave therapy of the X-WAVE supports the gentle solution of the foetal cells, the transport via the lymph vessel system, the stimulation of the blood circulation and collagen production. In addition, it improves skin structure and skin elasticity. Therefore the X-WAVE treatment is also well suited for the improvement of pregnancy strips and scars.

With mesotherapy

BODYFIRM® is effective with cellulite and decreasing skin firmness. The complex coordinated combination of active ingredients (carnitine, caffeine, silicon, artichoke, Centella asiatica, Ruscus aculeatus) causes dehydration and targeted strengthening of the tissue. The skin is visibly smoother and firmer. The introduction of the active substances is made with skin roller.

The blood circulation is stimulated with micro-needling which has already a very positive effect in the treatment of cellulite. A slimming, draining and firming effect is achieved by the additional transdermal penetration of the active substance of mesoline BODYFIRM® with the result in alleviation of cellulite.