Hand rejuvenation

The age of a person is often seen on the hands. So far the main focus for skin rejuvenation was laid on the face area. The hands were neglect also they are most often seen next to the face. But the appearance of the hand is becoming increasingly important. Due to a reduction in the subcutaneous fat tissue with aging there is an increase of wrinkles and tendons, veins and bones can shine through. In addition due to pigmentation and sun damage the hands can have aging spots.

Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®)

Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®) is a synthetic mineral substance with which it is possible to restore the volume in the back of the hands. At the same time a new collagenous connective tissue is formed by activating the collagen synthesis in the skin. The mineral components are metabolized by the body. The result lasts longer since the human body does not have special enzymes for reduction. In this way the hand rejuvenation is effective, time-saving and you can achieve long-lasting results. Immediately after the treatment you are socially acceptable again.


Another possibility for the hand rejuvenation is to inject own body fat under the subcutaneous tissue on the back of the hand (Lipofilling). The required fat tissue is for example taken from the stomach and then injected at the back of the hand. Afterwards the hands look smoother and younger. Under certain circumstances this treatment must be repeated as it can lead to a partial destruction of the fat tissue.

Chemical peeling

Pigmentation (aging spots) can be improved by using chemical peelings. A selective ablation of the superficial skin layer can be effected by using different concentrations of organic acids. As part of the healing there is an improvement in the pigment displacement and a reduction of wrinkles due to shortening of the collagen fibers of the dermis.