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Publications & press articles 2024

Dr Montanari is one of Bochum's best doctors in the "Beauty" category

WAZ Bochum's best doctors

Dr Michaela Montanari was named one of Bochum's best doctors in the "Beauty" category in an article in the WAZ (issue 19.03.2024).

The article refers to the analyses of Munich Inquire Media (Gute Ärzte für mich/stern).

"Am I beautiful?" Dr Michaela Montanari in a three-part NDR documentary series

The three-part NDR documentary "Bin ich schön?" (Am I beautiful?) takes a sensitive look at the perception of beauty, subjectively perceived flaws and the risks involved through the eyes of a wide range of people. Whether it's Miriam and Paulina, who want to feel good in their bodies again and therefore want to undergo surgery, or Luise and Thommy, who prefer minimally invasive rejuvenation methods, or even prominent social media influencers, who openly discuss their treatments as well as bad decisions in the programme. 

Experts such as Dr Michaela Montanari in her role as a board member of the DGÄPC and as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, psychologist Dr Juliane Tank and many others will comment on and shed light on the topic.

We say: Very worth seeing!

Publications & press articles 2023

"Gentle but effective" - lifting methods without surgery

Dr Michaela Montanari with a dossier in the specialist journal Medical by Beauty Forum 06 I 2023 on lifting methods without major surgery - "Gentle but effective".

Click here for the article in the trade journal "Medical by Beauty Forum 06 I 2023"

Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Dr Michaela Montanari as "Aesthetic Profile of the Month" in the October issue 110 of Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria.

Click here for the "Aesthetic Profile of the Month" article


In an online interview with emotion magazine, Dr Michaela Montanari, one of the first practitioners in Germany, explains how an ultrasound lift can help you to rejuvenate yourself using your own self-healing powers and what role our (lost) collagen plays in this.

"Help your body to rejuvenate itself", Emotion Online currently features an interview with Dr Michaela Montanari on the subject of firming and rejuvenation with ultrasound and the role our (lost) collagen plays in this.

As one of the first users of Ultherapy® in Germany, Dr Montanari can look back on many years of experience.

Thanks to @Hannah_goessmann from @emotionmagazin for this great interview!

Click here for the emotion article

Beauty Forum

In the 03/23 issue of the specialist magazine Beauty Forum, Dr Michaela Montanari clarifies the current situation with reference to the current DGÄPC Statistics 2022 about the 5 trends in aesthetics.
Read article from Beauty Forum


In the issue of Maxi magazine from 7 February 2023, Dr Michaela Montanari takes readers on a world tour of beauty trends.

What do Americans love, what is particularly popular in South Korea and what is the situation in China and Brazil?

Find out more on our Instagram profile

Skin - dermatology, allergology, aesthetics

"Calcium hydroxyapatite as a long-term filler" - specialist article by Dr Michaela Momtanari on the use of calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse)

Issue 1, February 2023
Read article Calcium hydroxyapatite as a long-term filler

Medical by Beautyforum

In "Myths and facts", Dr Michaela Montanari dispels the myths surrounding botulinum toxin.
Issue 1/2023

Read article in the beauty forum

Publications & press articles 2022


"Aesthetic plastic surgeons warn against the dubious influence of influencers"
Critical contribution based on the DGÄPC statistics 2022 with a quote from Dr Michaela Montanari (as a member of the Board of Directors)

" Read article Ä

Stiepeler Bote

Stiepeler Bote - "Creme by Montanari" harmoniously rounds off the range
Report on news at the Dr Montanari practice. A dermatologist will join the team from January 2023 and the hyaluronic cream M by Montanari will round off the practice's range.

" Read article Creme by Montanari

Premium Quarterly

Premium Quarterly - And... What does art do?
Q4 2022
Are doctors artists or rather craftsmen? In issue Q4/2022 of Premium Quarterly, Dr Michaela Montanari, Dr Detlev R.H. Breyer, Dr Mark T. Sebastian and Prof. Dr Sebastian Siebenlist talk about art, their craft and their own expectations of what they do.

" Read article What does art do?

Special edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Forum Aesthetics & Beauty"
"Everything for the perfect look" - Interview with Dr Michaela Montanari
Dr Michaela Montanari explains why aesthetic plastic treatments belong in the hands of specialists and why she does not fulfil patients' wishes.

" Read article

Image of the woman

What other women have done.
Bild der Frau, issue 42

" Read article Bild der Frau

VFL Magazine - My statement for aesthetics and down-to-earthness

With diligence, commitment, empathy and determination - attributes that are often attributed to citizens of the Ruhr region - Dr Michaela Montanari has expanded her practice in Bochum in recent years and developed it into a popular centre for aesthetic medicine.
VFL Magazine, Issue 15

" Read article Statement for aesthetics and down-to-earthness

me, my selfie and I

Interesting article on the topic of flawless self-presentation in social media.
emotion, issue 04/22

" Read article me, my selfie and I

Publications & press articles 2021

Dr Michaela Montanari first woman on the DGÄPC board

Medical doctor from Stiepel is the new treasurer of the oldest professional association.
Stiepeler Bote (December 2021)

Read article Dr Michaela Montanari first woman on the DGÄPC board

Publications & press articles 2020

Popular centre for AESTHETIC MEDICINE significantly expands consultation capacity

The work of Dr Michaela Montanari, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bochum, is appreciated by patients and colleagues alike and regularly attracts a great deal of media attention.

The Ehrenfelder (November 2020)

Cosmetic surgery despite the pandemic

Specialists in Bochum confirm rising numbers of procedures and treatments. People now have the time and money to do something good for themselves, they say. (21/10/2020)

Doctor beautifies vaginas - and does away with this cliché

Dr Michaela Montanari also offers cosmetic surgery in the genital area. But it's not just about appearance. (22/02/2020)

Surgeon offers intimate operations

Dr Michaela Michaela Montanari not only performs wrinkle injections and breast operations. Many women come to her when they are suffering.
WAZ Bochum (09.01.2020)

Read article Surgeon offers intimate operations

Publications & press articles 2019

Cellulite - Precise treatment of fibrous septa

Sophia Vegas: Beauty mania! Next procedure after pregnancy

intouch (04.2019)

V-BLONDINE SOPHIA VEGAS (31) Is she now infecting her boyfriend with surgery mania?

Sophia lays her boyfriend - BILD Düsseldorf

BILD Düsseldorf (04.2019)

Read article Sophia lays her boyfriend

Sophia Vegas swears by Bochum as a beauty centre |

Pelvic floor lift with Emsella

Publications & press articles 2018

Interfaces and trends in aesthetic medicine

aesthetic dermatology & cosmetology 3/2018, p. 18-19

Read article Interfaces and trends in aesthetic medicine

BTL EMSELLA: Effective treatment of urinary leakage

Estheticon, 13.06.2018

Read article on Estheticon

Innovative treatment option: Innovative primary structural cause of cellulite treatment

MÄC, Magazine for General and Aesthetic Chiurgy (4/2018)

Read article Structural cause of cellulite

Ultherapy - the non-invasive lifting procedure in the medical practice

Aesthetics News, Issue 14 (3/2018)

Read article non-invasive lifting procedures

Taboo subject of intimate surgery

Bild der Frau issue 47/2018

Lecture by Dr Michaela Montanari: Intimate surgery: medical necessity or female aspiration/aesthetics?

12 November 2018

" Article Intimate surgery Medical necessity or female entitlement

Focus Health German Top Doctors, List of Doctors for Intimate Surgery

Specialist publications list Dr Michaela Montanari in top doctor rankings

Personal well-being in the best hands

Top doctor for intimate surgery

Focus Health March 2018 "The healthy woman"

Recommendation for breast surgery

Gala Beautify, January 2018 - The Better Ageing Magazine

Exclusive address for tissue tightening in the intimate area

Tissue tightening in the genital area using radiofrequency treatment

The Ehrenfelder, January 2018

Read article Der Ehrenfelder

Publications & press articles 2017

Prospective 3D Analysis of Facial Soft Tissue Augmentation with Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy 22/03/2017

Read article | Read article on Tandfonline

Effective procedure against "orange peel skin"

Dr Michaela Montanari expands the range of services in her practice

Focus doctors ranking: Top ranking for Dr Montanari

Surgeon in focus - BO-Geflüster

Top position in the Focus doctors' rankings

Stiepeler Bote , July 2017

Read article Stiepeler Bote , July 2017

Skin tightening and body shaping (fat reduction) with the BTL Exilis Elite

Focus issue 2517 'Operation: Beautiful shame and a list of doctors' from 20 June 2017

Focus issue 2517, June 2017, p. 80 - 82

Read article Focus issue 2517, Jun

Focus Health German Top Doctors , List of Doctors for Intimate Surgery

July/August 2017 issue

Read article from July/August 2017 issue

Face & Body article "Breast surgery: But of course!"

Publications & press articles 2016

Article 05/2016 "The next level of collagen stimulation"

Overnight Intensive Patch for Scar Management Montanari M. ,Danneberg DJ. , Hartmann S. , Lambert-Baumann J.

18th Annual World Congress Inernational Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS), 28-31.01.2016, Paris, France

Read article Overnight Intensive Patch for Scar Management

Aesthetic fascination in the highest perfection

Aesthetic fascination in highest perfection Source reference "© face 1/2016, OEMUS MEDIA AG"

Read article Aesthetic fascination in highest perfection

Article from 05/2016 "Everything chic in the crotch?"

Article from 05/2016 "Life is getting more and more beautiful"

Article from 07/2016 "How to make summer more beautiful"

Ultherapy relieves excessive sweating

The Ehrenfelder, April 2016

Read article Ehrenfelder, April 2016

Article from 16 January 2016 under the heading "BO-Geflüster"

WAZ 01.2016

Publications & press articles 2015


Stiepeler Bote 12.2015

Read article Stiepeler Bote

CULT BLONDINE SOPHIA WOLLERSHEIM - Beauty trifecta for the jungle camp?

Bert Wollersheim more beautiful than ever

Innovative rejuvenation programme for the Wollersheims

The Ehrenfelder 09.2015

Stiepeler Bote 04.09.2015

Completely rejuvenated! Wollersheim - 1st photo after facial surgery, 16/08/2015

Wollersheim's wrinkles all gone now?, 15/08/2015

Read article Wollerheim's folds

Plastic surgery in the genital area - minor procedures in the intimate zone, 23/03/2015

Publications & press articles 2014

Full face treatment: the ideal way for natural facial rejuvenation

Expert interview with Dr Montanari on the subject of intimate surgery

infoMEDIZIN, 30/09/2014

Labiaplasty - Why women opt for aesthetic intimate surgery, August 2014

Hyaluronic acid supplementation with Hyal® ACP for ageing skin and solar elastosis on the décolleté

Plastic Surgery, July 2014

Read article Hyaluronic acid

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Wrinkle-free with Botox, April 2014

Read article Wrinkle-free with Botox

Which breast implants offer long-term safe and sustainable results?, January 2014

Read article on breast implants

Breast augmentation - implant quality is crucial

jameda expert guide, 18.01.2014, by Dr med. Michaela Montanari

Read article Implant quality is crucial

Dr Montanari honoured

Stiepeler Bote, December 2014

Read article Award Dr Montanari

Award for Michaela Montanari

WAZ Bochum, 15 November 2014

Article about the award

Visitors were delighted with the new rooms

RuhrNachrichten Bochum, Market on Thursday, 02.10.2014, Special publication

Read article new rooms

Reinforced team in larger rooms

RuhrNachrichten Bochum, market on Thursday, 11/09/2014, special publication

Read article reinforced team

Expansion of the private practice of Dr Michaela Montanari

Stiepeler Bote, September 2014

Read article on the expansion

Beautiful but not very successful

Stiepeler Bote, September 2014

Article Nice to read but not very successful

Live there - "Nice writing - nice paddling!"

Stiepeler Bote, August 2014

Women focus on beauty

Ruhrnachrichten special publication "Schön & gesund - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery", 02.04.2014

Read article Women focus on beauty

New on the regional board

WAZ Bochum, 14/03/2014

FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN - facial, breast and genital treatments

TOP RUHR, spring 2014 " Article FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN - Treatments for the face, breast and genital area

Publications & press articles 2013

Labiaplasty - medical necessity or female entitlement?

6/2013 Gyn Practical gynaecology, by Dr Michaela Montanari, MD

CULT BLONDINE SOPHIA WOLLERSHEIM - Beauty trifecta for the jungle camp?

erm (19) 2013, by Dr Michaela Montanari

Read article Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty - necessity or female entitlement?

DERMAforum, 06 November 2013


Montanari, M., Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir 2013; 45: 1-9
XIII Spring Academy of the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Between classic and modern: methods in aesthetic plastic surgery

Read article Chair Volume4Volume

Montanari, M., Journal of Aesthetic Surgery 2/2013, D=I 10.1007/s12631.012-0213-0

Read article by Dr Monatanri

Breast augmentation: implant quality is crucial

MÄC - Magazine for Aesthetic Surgery 4|13, 7th year 2013

Small pads disappear

WAZ Bochum, 02.10.2013

From woman to woman: treatments on the face, breasts and genital area

Special publication Beauty Medicine by Gala, 19/09/2013

Read article From woman to woman: Treatments on the face, breasts and genital area

FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN: Treatments on the face, breasts and genital area

TOP Dortmund, 12/09/2013

Read article

Aesthetics in focus

Ruhrnachrichten health guide, 18/06/2013

Read article Aesthetics in focus

Private practice Dr Michaela Montanari

GESUNDHEIT at a glance, special edition, January 2013

Interdisciplinary co-operation with other specialist disciplines" and "Plastic and aesthetic surgery at the highest level

in Healthy in Bochum 2013

Publications & press articles 2012

The V-effect - from wrinkle correction to volume

Face International magazine of orofacial esthetics, 2/2012, Oemus Verlag " Read article The V effect - from wrinkle correction to volume

The interesting case: Combination treatment - a small alternative to a facelift

The secret of attractiveness and charisma

Film off - camera team with Dr Michaela Montanari

Stiepeler Bote, 12/2012

Practice receives quality seal

WAZ Bochum, 27 October 2012

THE V-EFFECT ...and the best cosmetic results

MY BEAUTY No.1 Summer 2012, special supplement in myself 10/12

Read article V-effect

From woman to woman - 1 year of Dr Montanari's practice

Der Ehrenfelder, 06/2012 and Stiepeler Bote, 06/2012

Plastic surgeon Dr Michaela Montanari gave a lecture at the Ahaus Eye Clinic - Botox also an issue for ophthalmologists?

Press release: 03/2012, Ruth Würz

Plastic and aesthetic surgery - From woman to woman


Cheap implants in NRW too

Rheinische Post, Wolfram Goertz, 04.01.2012

WAZ, 03.01.2012, Jürgen Stahl

Rheinische Post, Wolfram Goertz, 04.01.2012

Publications & press articles 2011

Wrinkle treatment - What works best where?

Dermatology & Plastic Surgery 4 I 2011 " Read article "Wrinkle treatment - where best"

Beauty doesn't just come from within

Woman In The City 11.2011, page 30

Read article Beauty doesn't just come from within

The Ehrenfelder, 04/2011

The V-effect - volume substitution restores a youthful appearance to the face

Surgeon new to the regional board

WAZ, 07.12.2011

A woman in the service of beauty

WAZ, 27.10.2011, Wiebke Rasmussen

Beautiful and firm skin

The Ehrenfelder, 05/2011

New practice opens

Stiepeler Bote, 05/2011

Plastic and aesthetic surgery at the highest level

Newspaper from jeweller Marc

The natural look

The Ruhr Peninsula 02/2011

Healthy & beautiful? and "Preserving natural beauty"

Healthy in Bochum 2011

Publications & press articles 2010

Complications from permanent fillers in the face - alternatives

Complications due to permanent fillers in the face

Face International magazine of orofacial esthetics, 3/2010, Oemus Verlag " Read article Complications due to permanent fillers