Medical needling

Associated terms:
Dermal roller, derma roller, micro needling, collagen induction therapy

What is medical needling?

Thousands of evenly distributed microchannels are opened in the skin using 580 hair-thin needles. These allow the active ingredients to precisely reach their target beneath the skin's surface to unfold their effect. At the same time, blood circulation is stimulated and collagen production is boosted.

The effect of skin rollers has been demonstrated in many histological studies and numerous publications:

  • Collagen regeneration or collagen induction therapy
  • Vascularisation or microcirculation stimulation
  • Promotion of the transfer system through the skin with opening of the microchannels -> enables better penetration of active ingredients

The treatment is particularly gentle and can be carried out almost painlessly. Reddening of the skin after the treatment usually subsides after a day.

Combination with other methods / active ingredients

Various active ingredients can be used during treatment with the dermaroller for targeted Skin tightening and Skin revitalisation, at Pigmentation disorders, Hair loss or for cellulite treatment. Stretch marks (striae, stretch marks), scars and acne can also be improved in this way.

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