BTL Exilis Elite ™ - Ultrasound and radio frequency

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Skin tightening and smoothing, body shaping, fat reduction with radio frequency and ultrasound.

Basic information on BTL EXILIS ELITE

BTL EXILIS ELITE™ is a non-invasive treatment system that combines two proven physical elements, ultrasound and radiofrequency, with integrated cooling. This combination is combined in one applicator. This enables the simultaneous application of fat reduction and skin tightening. It is suitable for all areas of the body.

Tightening of the intimate area is also possible without any problems using a special probe. In combination with X-WAVE acoustic wave therapy (shock wave therapy), a new, gentle and effective technique against the unloved orange peel skin (cellulite) is possible.

The device is extremely popular worldwide and has been proven to be extremely safe by international studies. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer you this system in our practice.

The mode of action of the treatment:

The combination of the mechanical effect of ultrasound waves and high-frequency energy enables penetration into tissue that was previously resistant to treatment. It has a targeted effect on deeper layers of fat. The contact cooling of the skin surface regulates the skin temperature and thus protects fine skin structures. Cell metabolism is activated and localised lipolysis (fat breakdown) is accelerated. The volume of fat cells is reduced and with it the fat layer. At the same time, the BTL EXILIS ELITE™ tightens the skin and improves cellulite, skin structure and skin elasticity.

BTL Exilis Elite™

The advantages of the treatment:


  • Non-invasive treatment, no surgery necessary
  • Treatment without any downtime
  • The skin surface is not damaged - there are no scars
  • Fat reduction and/or tightening of sagging skin usually visible after just a few days
  • Final effects can be recognised after approx. 3 months
  • Low-pain treatment
  • The treatment can be carried out all year round without any problems, as the skin is not overly sensitive to sunlight afterwards

The course of treatment:

The treatment head is guided over the skin according to a special pattern. Ultrasound gel or oil is used to couple the energy. The treatment is accompanied by a pleasant feeling of warmth and is completely painless and anaesthetic-free. Thanks to the integrated cooling, the application is barely noticeable despite the high penetration depth. The treatment head provides the practitioner with information about the respective skin temperature so that overheating can be ruled out. The set energy level is also visible, providing information on the treatment intensity and depth. The skin remains completely unharmed during the treatment.

Depending on the extent of the body area, an average treatment takes around 15-60 minutes. The duration also depends on whether fat reduction or skin tightening alone is performed or whether a combination of both procedures is carried out. As a rule, 4-6 sessions are required every 7-14 days. Depending on the findings, body type and the desired goal, further treatments may be required.

For cellulite treatment, 2-4 combination sessions with the BTL EXILIS ELITE™ and the X- Wave are recommended, followed by a further 6-8 sessions with the X- Wave (shock wave). Here too, depending on the severity, changes or extensions to the treatment plan may be possible.

You will notice an improvement in skin texture/elasticity after the 1st treatment. From the 2nd treatment onwards, there is an increasing improvement in body contouring or cellulite. This increases with the further treatments and it can take 3 months until the final result is achieved.

This form of treatment is not used for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, patients with fever and inflammation, and patients with pacemakers and metal implants.
BTL Exilis Elite™
After the BTL EXILIS ELITE™ treatment (and the X-WAVE), you can go straight back to your everyday life. Depending on your sensitivity, there may be slight redness in the treatment areas after the treatment. This may last for a few hours. Normal personal hygiene (washing hair/face) is possible immediately.

In order to be able to expel the dissolved fat from the body quickly and successfully, you should drink 3.5 litres a day on the day of treatment and for a few days afterwards.

Light physical activity, a low-fat diet (because the fat reduction mechanisms are fully utilised with the fat dissolved by the BTL EXILIS ELITE™ and "little sins" can be poorly processed during this time and prevent optimal treatment success), lymphatic drainage and acoustic wave therapy with the X-WAVE support the success of the therapy.
BTL Exilis Elite™ Skin tightening and fat reduction without surgery. We now have the latest technology from the USA in our practice. Depending on the depth of treatment, radiofrequency can be used to achieve collagen shrinking or fat tissue reduction by breaking down fat cells. This makes it possible to tighten the skin on the face and neck, but also on the body. Fat cells can be melted away using the same device, but with a second handpiece. By heating the tissue to around 43 degrees centigrade, the cell envelopes of the fat cells disintegrate and the "waste product" is then broken down via the lymphatic system. The tightening effect on the skin is based on so-called "collagen shrinking"; the fibres contract due to the effect of the heat, making the skin firmer and smoothing out small wrinkles. As a rule, 4 treatments at intervals of 1-3 weeks are recommended, and the effect is immediate. However, the final result is only visible 3 months after the treatment. Immediately after the treatment, you will be slightly reddened for about an hour, but otherwise immediately socially acceptable.

Cellulite affects 95% of women over the age of 30. The pressure that the fat deposits exert on the skin, combined with blood circulation problems, results in the so-called "orange peel skin". The skin shows unevenness and a wave-like structure. Localised water retention and skin sagging can also occur. There can be many reasons for this: hormonal, genetic, but also lifestyle-related.

Further information about the X-WAVE acoustic wave therapy (shock wave therapy) in combination with the BTL EXILIS ELITE™"

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