Breast augmentation

Estheticon.comThe reasons for a breast augmentation are very diverse. Firstly there is the desire to have normal large and finely shaped breasts which harmonise with the rest of the body. On the other hand having a beautiful cleavage is an important aspect. Breast augmentation is also a great opportunity to beautify the form of droopy breasts effectively especially after pregnancy and lactation. Breast augmentation because of weight loss might have to be combined with breast lifting.

The aim is to achieve a natural look with an improvement of female charisma and the associated self-esteem.

We only use the qualified implants of the German company "Polytech" and the US company "Allergan" in my office. Both companies provide lifetime warranty on their implants.

Breast augmentation with silicone-gel implants

For this purpose a wide selection of certified implants from first rated companies is available. So it can be specifically selected to suit individual needs and tissue conditions.

To support this the measuring system BioDynamic© Breast Analysis System can help to optimise the strategy and the predictability of the result before the surgery. You even can individually select the perfect fit by critically analyzing different sizes on your own body.

The enlargement of the breast volume is done by leak-proof silicone-gel implants. A later exchange is no longer necessary since the quality and safety of these implants has steadily developed and improved in recent years.

The choice of implant shape (round versus anatomical or teardrop shape) and the implant profile depends on many factors such as the individual anatomical conditions and the desired appearance of the breast.

These implants can be placed either under the breast tissue (subglandular) or under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular). Important for the decision is the presence of adequate soft tissue coverage over the implant so that the cleavage step formation is not visible through the implants edge.

The skin incision of about 4-5 cm can be at the lower edge of the aerola (periareolar) or in the inframammary fold (inframammary).

The surgery is performed under steady-state conditions under general anaesthesia and lasts 1-2 hours depending on the technique and medical report. Particularly with regard to the symmetry the intra-operative positions of the implants are checked by donning the upper body. To support the breast shape during the healing phase we recommend wearing a compression bra days and nights for 6 weeks. In addition the wearing of a chest strap for a period of at least 14 days is required to prevent slippage or rotation of the implants. Likewise the first two weeks the patient should not sleep on her stomach. The wound drains which are inserted during the surgery can usually be removed after 1-2 days. And the thread material can be removed after two weeks. In general after a few days you are already symptom free and depending on your job ready to work after 1-2 weeks.

With no complications you could do sports, heavy lifting and over-head work after 6 weeks. The final result is usually achieved after 3-6 months. Restrictions such as in breast cancer diagnosis, during breastfeeding, flying or sport activities are not to be expected.

After the surgery you are getting an implant passport with all necessary data about the implant and the operation.

In addition to general complications special consequences can occur about which you should be informed in advance.

One of these is the so-called capsular contracture. When inserting an implant the body forms a subtle connective tissue sheath around the implant. In fact this effect is desired at first. The implant is attached and incorporated by the body. Unfortunately in rare cases it can lead to hardening and shrinkage of the shell. This is termed as "capsule". This can also lead to distortions of the implant that interfere with the aesthetic sensibilities and cause pain. In these cases the breast prosthesis should be removed together with the capsule. A new implant can be inserted (prosthesis replacement) or an alternative method of breast structure (e.g. with body fat, see below) can be used. A slightly rough surface of the implant, storage of the implant under the muscle and protection of the tissue during surgery can minimise the risk for the development of capsular contracture.

Another important aspect is the possibility of shifts in the breast implant (implant displacement). The consistent wearing of the fitted breasts with chest straps helps to reduce the risk.

In a personal and individual consultation we will analyse your needs and expectations regarding breast size and shape. We discuss in detail the realistic expected results, possible risks ad any possible complications so we can design a coherent treatment plan for you.

Breast augmentation with own body fat (autologous fat)

Breast augmentation with own body fat is a new way where fat cells are recovered by gentle extraction through vibration-assisted liposuction. Those fat cells are collected in a sterile collection vessel and subsequently transplanted with a small syringe.

This method of breast augmentation is particularly suitable for patients who do not want silicone-gel implants or who have had capsular contracture after silicone implants. And also a breast reconstruction after a tumour surgery is possible in this way.

As part of its own fat can reduce after surgery 2-3 optional post-treatments are useful.

The surgery is performed under steady state conditions under general anaesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours depending on the medical report and desired result. A cotton bandage is applied during the first days to support the fat cell growth rate. A bra should be deliberately avoided during the first time in order to prevent unnecessary pressure. An underwire bra should not be worn for 6 weeks.

As some of the autologous fat can break down after the operation, 2-3 follow-up treatments may be necessary.

The operation is performed under inpatient conditions under general anaesthetic and takes 2-3 hours depending on the findings and the desired result. A cotton bandage is applied during the first few days to support the rate of fat cell growth. To prevent unnecessary pressure, a bra is deliberately not worn at the beginning. An underwired bra should not be worn for 6 weeks.