Nipple correction

Changes around the nipple or areola can interfere the personal aesthetic sensibilities or affect the symmetry of the breasts.

Nipples that are constantly drawn inwards can cause inflammation, impair with breastfeeding or interfere cosmetically. This is due to a shortening of the milk ducts. It is possible to fix this change by dissolving the milk ducts through a small incision, unfolding the sunken nipple and fixing by certain seams. Note, however, that the ability to breastfeed is no longer an option after this surgery.

Too large or unevenly-sized areolas can also appear cosmetically disturbing. A reduction of the areola can be performed by a circular removal of a skin strip. There is going to be a delicate scar at the edge of the areola. But the ability to breastfeed remains.

Both surgeries (whether individually or combined) are performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. You are going to wear are special dressing for 2 weeks. This straightens the nipple and prevents from pressure during healing. The threads can be removed after 2-3 weeks.