Lip correction

A correction to obtain fuller lips is most easily done by injections of a hyaluronic acid gel. This degradable tissue filler is inserted into the lips with a thin needle. A desired small lip correction usually happens by an injection technique in which a filling along the lip borders is done. A new technique with marked soft tissue and tissue protection consists of the injection with atraumatic cannula (blunt needles) and is used depending on the treatment.

The modelling of the lips is performed under local anesthesia (with anesthetic cream or anesthetics like at the dentist). All these procedures are simple, safe and cost effective. After the treatment a swelling of the treated area is possible so that a short-term cooling of the lips may be useful. The symptoms generally are small and of short duration. One week prior to the treatment blood-thinning medications such as acetylsalicylic acid should be omitted. Patients who are prone to herpes labialis should perform a low-dose herpes prophylaxis to prevent an acute herpes flare-up. We prescribe a medical prevention for three days from the day of lip correction.

The durability of the preparation is between 6 and 12 months.

Our main goal is to obtain natural and well-shaped lips.

Surgical lip correction may apply after tumours, accidents or age-related changes in the lips.