Labia reduction

The labia majora usually cover the small hidden labia. A magnification of the labia minora can be caused through individual assessment or over the years because of pregnancy or tissue slackening. If the labia minora grows beyond the labia majora it can lead to aesthetic and functional disorders. Annoying symptoms, especially when wearing tight pants, thongs or bikinis, running, cycling, horse riding or during sexual intercourse can be the result.

The cause are mechanical irritations which can lead to inflammation, swelling and pain. The shame of the affected people is not to be underestimated. Sauna, nude or even undressing in front of the partner can be torture. Mental impairments and partner problems are often the results.

With a relatively small surgery under general anesthesia or local anesthesia the inner labia can be harmoniously reduced while achieving a great effect. Among the various techniques it is important that there is as little superficial scarring as possible since this may later lead to scarring warping and immediately after the surgery to pain by touching. The feeling region of the clitoris remains untouched. The removal of threads is in the use of self-dissolving sutures usually not necessary.

As with any surgery complications in the form of bleeding or edema and slight asymmetries are possible but occur rarely. Healing is usually rapid since it is a good blood supply point and the scar is later barely visible.

An impairment of intimate being together does not occur because the sensitivity is not restricted.