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Breast augmentation

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For which women is breast augmentation suitable?

In principle, breast augmentation is possible for every woman, taking into account her physical and mental condition. A good basis for breast augmentation with a beautiful aesthetic result is breasts that are not too large, that are as symmetrical as possible and in which the nipple does not sit far (approx. 1 to 3 cm) below the breast crease. Breast augmentation Bochum If the breasts are very saggy, it is better to tighten the skin and lift the gland (Breast lift) and an implant should be used for small breasts. In addition, body growth should be completed before breast augmentation.

Types of breast augmentation

Reasons for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation BochumThe most frequently cited reason for breast augmentation is the desire for beautifully shaped and normal-sized breasts whose appearance harmonises with the rest of the body. For many, however, a beautiful cleavage is also an important aspect of breast surgery. Breast augmentation also offers the opportunity to bring sagging breasts back into shape as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, and breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift if necessary. Breast augmentation can also be used to adjust breasts of different sizes (asymmetry). The main common goal of breast augmentation is therefore to achieve a natural appearance with an improvement in feminine radiance and the associated self-esteem.

In my practice in Bochum, only quality implants from the following companies are used for breast augmentations Polytech (Germany) and Allergan (USA). Both companies offer a lifetime guarantee on their implants.

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Breast augmentation in Bochum with silicone gel implants

For breast augmentation with silicone gel implants, you can choose from a range of certified implants from first-class companies. This allows you to choose according to your individual wishes and existing tissue conditions.

The "BioDynamic" measuring system© Breast Analysis System" can help to optimise the planning and predictability of breast augmentation results. The system allows you to view and select different breast sizes on your own body.

Breast augmentation, i.e. the increase in breast volume, is achieved using leak-proof silicone implants. Thanks to the ongoing development and high quality of these breast implants, it is no longer necessary to replace them at a later date.

Various factors, such as the existing anatomical conditions and the desired appearance of the breast after breast augmentation, influence the choice of implant shape, such as round versus anatomical or teardrop-shaped.

Breast augmentation procedure with silicone gel implants

Breast augmentation BochumThe breast implants are placed either under the mammary gland (subglandular) or under the large pectoral muscle (submuscular). The decisive factor is sufficient soft tissue coverage over the implant so that no steps are visible in the décolleté due to the edge of the implant.
The approx. 4-5 cm long skin incision required to insert the breast implant can be made at the lower edge of the nipple (periareolar) or in the inframammary fold.

Breast surgery is performed as an inpatient under general anaesthetic in Bochum and takes between 1-2 hours, depending on the chosen technique and findings. The intraoperative position of the breast implants, particularly with regard to symmetry, is checked by positioning the upper body.

After the breast operation, you will of course receive the implant passport with all the necessary operation and implant data.

Aftercare for breast augmentation

We recommend wearing a compression bra for approx. 6 weeks during the healing phase to support the shape of the breast. It is also necessary to wear a breast strap for the first two weeks after breast augmentation to prevent the breast implants from slipping or twisting. The wound drains that were inserted during the breast operation can be removed after 1-2 days, the suture material after a good two weeks.

In the first two weeks after breast augmentation, sleeping on your stomach should be avoided. As a rule, you will be symptom-free after a few days and able to work again after 1-2 weeks (depending on your job). Even if the breast augmentation was without complications, you should not resume sports, lifting weights or even "overhead" work for at least 6 weeks after the breast operation. The final result of breast augmentation is achieved approximately 3-6 months after the operation. Restrictions or disabilities during breast cancer diagnostics, breastfeeding, flying or sporting activities, e.g. diving, are not to be expected.

Possible complications after breast augmentation

Despite the qualified breast augmentation performed by a specialist here in Bochum, special consequences can occur in addition to the general complications, which we would like to inform you about here in advance.

Capsular fibrosis or capsular contracture

During implant insertion, the body forms a delicate connective tissue envelope around the breast implant, which is also desired; the breast implant grows into the body, so to speak. For reasons that are not yet clearly understood, hardening and shrinkage of the formed shell can occur in rare cases, which is then referred to as a capsule. This can result in the breast implant becoming deformed, even years later. The deformation of the implant can cause pain and disturb the aesthetic sensation. If capsular fibrosis or capsular contracture occurs, the implant and capsule should be removed from the breast. However, it is possible to insert a new breast implant (prosthesis replacement) or to switch to an alternative method of breast reconstruction (e.g. with Autologous fatsee below).

The risk of capsular fibrosis or capsular contracture can be minimised by using a slightly rough implant surface, placing the breast implant under the muscle and sparing the tissue during breast surgery.

Implant dislocations

As already mentioned, the risk of displacement of the breast implant, known as implant dislocation, should be minimised by consistently wearing the adapted bra with breast strap.

Do you have further questions about breast augmentation with silicone gel implants?

In a personal and individual consultation in my private practice in Bochum, we will be happy to analyse your wishes and expectations regarding breast augmentation in terms of breast size and shape and discuss in detail the realistic results to be expected, conceivable risks and possible complications in order to design a treatment concept that is right for you.

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