Vaginal stenosis, vaginal enlargement

BTL Ultra Femme 360

Similar to the skin the vaginal tissue changes over time. The vaginal slackness or laxity can lead to diminished sexual perception, satisfaction, unconscious loss of urine and mental health problems.
The radiofrequency uses heat transfer to the surrounding tissue. So effective stimulation of collagen regeneration can be achieved which ultimately leads to a tightening of the vaginal tissue.
A gentle and careful introduction of a single treatment applicator is performed into the vagina with ultrasound gel. The treatment is done 360 degrees in the vagina to treat the complete vaginal tissue. By changing the applicator a gentle treatment of the vaginal entrance and the labia is possible as well.
The superficial tissue is cooled so that the underlying tissue can be gently heated. Thus, a targeted penetration of high-frequency energy is streamlined into the skin. Furthermore, collagen formation is stimulated in this way.
Treatment with the BTL Ultra Femme 360 is a non-invasive method approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
A specific follow- up treatment is not required. No downtime has to be considered after the treatment. In order to achieve an optimal result we recommend this treatment in 3 sessions at intervals of about 7 days.

The advantages of the method

  • No invasive method, without surgery
  • No downtime
  • No skin damage - without scars
  • End result after 3 months
Over the next 3 months your body produces collagen that increasingly tightens the vaginal opening or labia. After just 30 days you will notice first results that improve the sexual function.

Surgical vaginal stenosis, vaginal enlargement

Natural aging process or after birth can cause tissue slackening and hormonal transformations in a dilatation of the vagina which can affect sexual sensation. By vaginal tightening this circumstance can be fixed. Mostly a muscle tightening of the vagina is required (e.g. after multiple birth).

Another problem is the narrowing of the vaginal entrance after childbirth or episiotomies which can also lead to disability during intercourse. When scarring of the vaginal opening the scar tissue is cut out and the vaginal opening is restored.

Both procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. We recommend a hospital stay in our clinic. You should also resign sexual intercourse and tampon use for about 6 weeks.